Guitarist Dave Martone Interview


Martone has played, hosted clinics or performed with 3 Doors Down, Steve Morse, Jennifer Batten, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Seymour Duncan, Greg Howe, Joe Satriani and drum greats Chester Thompson, Mike Portnoy, Greg Bissionet and Gene Hoglan.    

Martone’s last record "Clean" has just been released by Magna Carta Records from NY with world wide distribution.

The amazing Daniel Adair  (drummer for Martone ) who also plays with Nickelback as well as David Spidel were integral in the making of this album!

Special guests on this record are Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Jennifer Batten, Billy Sheehan and Rick Fierbracci

The press has been good to Martone lately with a feature in Guitar Player Magazine Dec. issue and also in Guitar One Magazine Jan. issue as one of the top 4 underground  shredders in North America. Dave was also credited on the latest Joe Satriani album Super Colossal.  

Martone is endorsed by such wicked companies as Vox, Digitech, Parker, Cakewalk, GHS and Radial Engineering doing clinics either through Canada or at the NAMM trade shows.

Martone also works for the National Guitar Workshop as well as Berklee College of Music doing clinics/master classes for them.  He has directed 3 successful School of Rock Guitar Sessions for Tom Lee Music in Vancouver Canada.

On line state of the art video lessons are also available through a company called Check out some free lessons and then sign up!

Brainworks in Vancouver Canada is Dave’s musical lab where he goes insane trying to make this music!  

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Guitarist Dave Martone Interview

Guitarz Forever - Hey Dave, I hope all is well with you... Give all our loyal readers and peeps an update with what’s been going on with you in your music world these days.

Dave - Hello Scott and thanks for having me here on Guitarz Forever~

The latest greatest is a new album that just came out from Magnatude/Magna Carta Records in New York. The album is called Nacimiento and is an all acoustic nylon string album. You could almost call it “Flamenco Revisited!” I have been working on this for the last few years and it sure is nice to see something finally come to fruition.

We shot a video for one of the tracks called Rasputin!

I have also been busy with the educational side of things with releasing 2 books from Alfred Publishing. One is called Serious Shred Advanced Scales.

and the other is called Shredding the Blues.

I have also designed a workshop fans and students can take from The workshop is called “The Combined Hands of Fury” and you can sign up here. It is an 8 week interactive workshop where I have a great structured lesson plan to move your playing light years ahead. It works with video. The student watches my videos which are pre-recorded, they work all week on it, and video them playing the lesson. They then send it to me for review, and I send back a video reply with helpful hints and tips on the lesson discussed.

Guitarz Forever - Please tell our readers what your high school years were like, what music did you and your friends listen to, and what the musical soundtrack (Favorite Album) would you recall to sum up your senior year in High school.

Dave - Now that’s a very interesting question I have never been asked before!

High school was a very awkward time but also fun as well. I had more friends at Beamsville High, then I did at my High School which was Denis Morris in St Catharine’s. Both are in Ontario Canada. The reason I had more friends at Beamsville High was because I was playing in a band back then called Misstreater! HA. I wish I could find a picture right now, but I think they are all at my parent’s house.  We would do as any young band would do, practice and learn covers of the songs we liked at that time. Let me try and remember some of those songs…Ozzy Over the Mountain, Ladies Night in Buffalo by David Lee Roth. I think there was Wasted Years from Iron Maiden, Ain't talking but Love.. Van Halen as well as other Van Halen songs.  Some Bad Company, There might have even been some Rush songs as well since we grew up in the same area.

I was also into some sports in High School, I was on the rowing team as well as wrestling. Wrestling did not last long as I did not like rolling around on the ground with sweaty men! The rowing did last and that was some fun. I remember I had long hair in High School, and all the dudes on the team, 8 men crew had crew cuts… I was the odd man out, and either I got it cut or they were going to cut it for me~ I chose to get it cut! We actually went to the finals in Philadelphia and that was a story unto itself! My coach was a guy named Jeff Hagar. Great coach. Worked us till we were nearly dead. As mentioned we got to go to the USA for this big competition. We were staying in a hotel in the city, and as High School boys do, were looking for trouble. I guess we were making too much noise, chasing girls, aggravating other guests they actually kicked us out of the hotel! We had no where to sleep, so Jeff thought to let us sleep on our tour greyhound bus we drove down in. That would have been nice, but no one could find the bus driver! So… we found that the bottom of the bus was open where all the luggages goes. So…. We all slept in there! 4 guys in each luggage compartment on the cold steel! Needless to say, we lost the race the next morning, and Jeff pretty much killed us! Priceless memories!

As in an album that defines my senior year, Probably Ride the Lightning!!!!

Guitarz Forever - First big question… Why the Guitar?

Dave - I was forced of course! My dad made me start at 6 years old! Many readers know that he bribed me to practice, and paid me 10 cents an hour to get it going. My first teacher was Gary Santucci, teaching me nylon classical guitar and I find that very interesting how that has come around full circle with this latest release.   I did not want to practice, but somehow, with his perseverance, I actually started to get into it. Once however I heard my first electric album, which was a Black Sabbath Greatest hits, I lost my mind! War Pigs to a little dude was a crushing blow of awesomeness!

Guitarz Forever - Ok, Now for your music … What is the name of the current Album you are promoting at the moment? How did the music come about?

Dave - The current album is called ‘Nacimiento’ and it is a flamenco revisited album. It’s a mixture of songs with different meanings to me. Some were from my youth hearing my parents play their house as I was growing up such as Maria Elena and Rasputin. Then there are others that are just pieces I love to play such as ‘Malaguena’ and ‘Classical Gas’. Then there are almost comedic ones such as Spiderman and The Final Countdown, then serious ones such as The Godfather and Threesome.  I will take some words now from the inside of the CD.

I would love to take this opportunity to explain this album.  I have had many fans keep asking me for the next Martone album, and in all honesty, I just did not feel it in my heart of hearts.  There was no passion to create more electric music and I needed to return to my roots where my playing began.  My father started me off at age 6 on the nylon guitar and that is where I needed to return.  I found it very easy to create ‘Nacimiento’.  The meaning of this album is a re birth of this style of music to me, a re- birth of some of the material in a new interpretation, and most importantly the birth of my son Manlio Matteo Martone. I hope you can enjoy this album for what it means to me, and how I find the sound of the nylon guitar so inspiring, so raw, so pure, so beautiful.  I will return to the electric guitar in the near future, but for now, this is the path I am on.

Guitarz Forever - What musical gear and endorsements to you have and why?

Dave - Right now for guitars I am with Parker Guitars and Cordoba Guitars.

I am still looking for my super strat guitar which is 24 frets in a classic strat sound. One of my buddies Steve Allan from 16 Guitars is building me one at the moment. Cordoba make great acoustic instruments, I enjoy the smaller design neck, and I have mine tweaked up for great action and playability. Both of my main guitars have been smashed or stolen, its just the way things go in this life.. However, I got the stolen one back, and got the smashed one fixed!!

I have my Strat’s, Tele’s, Les Paul’s as well for different sonic colors.  I am using Electro Voice products for studio mikes, wireless systems, and concert PA speakers. I am using Planet Waves cables and D’Addario Strings. I also use for live acoustic gigs either my Hartkee AC150 amp or my Bose ToneMatch mixer preamp. For electric gigs, I have either my Vox Tonelab processor, or Vox VTX Valvetronix for live. I am also using the Italian Multiamp as well. For recording electric I have been using the Marshall JVM410H through some Boogie Cabs.

Guitarz Forever - What kind of Guitar Effects do you use?

The main effects I use are Compression, Delay, and Reverb. Those are the main ones I can get through any gig with. Most of my gigs these days are all nylon string so less is more in that environment.

Guitarz Forever - How many hours a week does it take to put this (your band, writing your music, family, a job maybe) all together for the listening and reading masses?

Dave - I actually have never counted the hours. Most days it is an exhausting schedule with the day starting at 8am, and ending at 12pm. Each day is usually full of personal practice, teaching schedules, gig schedules, rehearsal schedules, learning new material, recording schedules. There is 168 hours in a week, and now with my amazing family as well, I would say a good 120 hours a week. I try and take Sunday’s off.

Guitarz Forever - So Dave, what are you listening to a lot of these days?

Dave - I honestly miss that. My days are so full, I am not really able to listen that much, I have been into learning some Tommy Emmanuel material at the moment. I have been revisiting some Paul Gilbert at the moment as well. 

Guitarz Forever - Lastly, please give our readers one last parting shot across the bow… What is Dave Martone going to be doing in 5 years?

Dave - I look forward to being able to spend some more time with my family that one day a week~

Dave Martone will be making his own wine, as that has already started with a nice Borolo and Malbec~

I also want to be involved with more world touring with my acoustic and electric music! I probably will be laying low on the educational side of things since everything you can find on YouTube for free these days!

I look forward to learning more about Real estate living in the Vancouver market which is the 2nd most expensive Real Estate market on Earth. Now that’s something!

Scott Thomas: I would like to thank you for your time and candor with my loyal readers and keep on fighting the good fight to bring us some quality guitar oriented music and music videos.

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