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Bruce Bouillet born in Memphis Tennessee U.S.A. Moved to Los Angeles Ca. and joined forces with guitarist Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), bassist Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta), drummer Scott Travis (Judas Priest), and vocalist Jeff Martin (Badlands) to form the progressive rock band "Racer X". Within 3 months they became a top draw on the west coast club scene sell ing out 1000 seat venues on a regular basis. This lineup was signed to Shrapnel records and recorded the first of three albums Racer X "Second Heat". Quickly gaining world wide exposure through featured articles in Guitar World, Guitar Player, Kerrang, Burn, and Young Guitar as well as ad campaign's with Ibanez Guitars.

After a two year nonstop blitz of the club scene and two live albums "Extreme vol .1, and Extreme vol .2" Racer X disbanded. Two years later he signed to the newly formed Hollywood Records with the band "The Scream" featuring members Juan Alderete, Walt Woodward, and John Corabi . Their first release "Let It Scream" produced by Eddie Kramer landed them on a year long tour of the U.S and England, as well as three videos on MTV. As their fan base was increasing and record sales were on the rise John Corabi left the band to join the newly revamped arena rock band Motley Crue, and was replaced by vocalist Billy Fogarty.

The Screams second studio album "Taking It To The Next Level " was produced by Mario Caldato Jr (Beatie Boys)., and Richard Wolf. Due to the rapidly changing music scene the album was never released and the band disbanded. The remaining members Bruce Bouillet, Juan Alderete, and Billy Fogarty, regrouped enlisting drummer Abe Laborel Jr. (Paul McCartney, Sting) to form the short lived band DC-10, recording their self produced album "co-burn".

Leaving DC-10 and live performing to build the first of his four recording studios, he began producing, mixing, and engineering full time. Within a few years he had worked on 40 plus albums as wel l as producing, engineering, and mixing on notable recordings BuckCherry- Gold U.S., WWE Vol .5 - Gold U.S., Paul Gilbert-Gold Japan, Racer X-Gold Japan, Motorhead. During that period he also returned playing gui tar and found the time to join, wri te, and record the studio side project "Big Sir" which featured members Juan Alderete, Lisa Pappanual (Pet), and Tim C. (Rage Against The Machine).

Temporarily closing down his studio's he returned to playing guitar full time forming the band "Epidemic" which featured members Tim Ganard drums, Jimmy McDaniels bass, and Boris Bouma vocals, and signed to Elektra Records. Their self ti tled debut produced by Rick Parasher landed them on the opening slot for the U.S. tour with Jerry Cantrel l (Alice In Chains), and Nickleback as wel l as multiple festivals along side the bands Clutch, Hatebreed, P.O.D., Rob Zombie, Seven Dust, 30 Seconds to Mars, ect.... Their first single "Walk Away" gained them a spot on the video game Madden 2003 soundtrack as well as sol id rotation on MTV2. After a two year run Epidemic disbanded.

After reopening his studio in Van Nuys Ca.. he produced recorded, and mixed along side his partner Bob Kulick (Alice Cooper, Meatloaf), the 2005 GRAMMY winning best rock performance "Whiplash" with the band Motorhead. Also a short stint in nashville gave him the opportunity to record and mix an album with Richard Leigh (writer of 7 no. 1 singles).

Relocating to North Hollywood Ca. he teamed up with the newly formed production crew "The Bottom Dwellerz" featuring Dante Orpilla, D Loc Walker, and his current production partner Dave Foreman. The same year they wrote and recorded thei r debut album "Cracks Of The Concrete" featuring guest appearances by George Cl inton, And Bizzy Bones.

In 2007 he reunited with his friend Paul Gilbert for a tour of Japan and a much coveted spot on the U.S / Canada G3 tour with Joe Satriani , and John Pettrucci . In between all the touring he wrote and recorded his first solo instrumental album "Unspoken", and created a music l icensing l ibrary which is currently featured on NASCAR, MLB, NFL, MTV, ect…..

Signing to King Records in Japan, he released his second solo instrumental album "Interventions". Which brought him back to Japan for guitar clinics in Tokyo, and shows in Los Angeles, New York. Also finding time to guest on various tracks including Greg Marra which featured Ray Luzier (Korn) on drums.

In 2013 he completed 12 tracks for his third solo album BRUCE BOUILLET "THE ORDER OF CONTROL" and signed to the prestigious Mascot Record Group. His heaviest and most progressive album to date, featuring Dave Foreman (Dj Quick Tupac) on Bass, Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Orianthi ) on Drums, releases January 2014.  ~ Courtesy of Bruce

Guitarist Bruce Bouillet Interview:
Scott > Hi Bruce, How are you doing these days?

Bruce > Doing great!

Scott > What is the genesis for the NEW "The Order of Control" Album?

Bruce > My instrumental writing has shifted to a concept format. It is about entities that appear just like you and I but possess the powers of telepathy, mind reading as well as being able to place thoughts and visuals in your head as well as their own voices. They stalk people in gangs that are highly organized, and use things such as schizophrenia as weapons.

Scott > How did you get hooked up with Mascot Records?

Bruce > Well I started doing press for the new album, and Guitar Extreme from France was the first up. A bunch of great guys they passed the album to a few people and the next thing you known it's at Mascot's Music Theories label. And I will say, out of all the record deals I've had throughout my career, working with the people at Mascot has been the most awesome.

Scott > Give us a run down of the musicians that are playing on the CD.

Bruce > Dave Foreman plays bass. He is a multi instrumentalist, he plays all instruments. His main instrument is guitar. Most people would not recognize the scope of his resume, but he has played the Tokyo Dome with Boyz 2 Men, has toured, performed, or recorded with J-Lo, Anthony Hamilton, Dj Quick, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Tupac, ect. But don't let the R&B line up fool you….he can rock out with the best of them….and next to Paul Gilbert, he is one of my biggest influences.
Glen Sobel plays the drums. He plays with Alice Cooper and Orianthi, but has played with countless others such as The Beautiful Creatures. Great drummer, was super quick cutting tracks in the studio!

Scott > How do you come up with your songs?

Bruce > These days I have the titles already in place, as they follow a specific order and meaning. That being said it write toward the meaning and emotion of the title. For me it has a lot more direction than just coming up with a riff and saying I'm going to make this a song. Although I won't throw away a good riff if it just shows up!

Scott > Tell me what it is that spoke to you about this project.

Bruce > On this album I wanted to return to more of my heavier roots, and I wanted to explore some different chord progressions. Obviously the whole album is based around a concept, so having it flow and have it's own sound was good. Having a couple players that makes the album just as exciting for bass players and drummers as it is for guitarist was a big thing.

Scott > Are there plans to tour?

Bruce > Yes I will be touring, but I'm going to be back in the studio early spring, recording more before I head out. Things can be a little tough financially when you are the person funding the whole tour as opposed to a band where costs can be divided. Not a big deal if you are drawing people, but still one must be careful.

Scott > Are you a schooled guitar player or a self-taught guitar player?

Bruce > A little of both. I had some lessons when I was just starting; I also had lessons with Paul Gilbert when I first met him. Paul really opened my eye's a lot when I was 19 -20, and he still does today. Other than that I just try to come up with things on my own.

Scott > Did You develop your style by ear or by messing around on the neck playing what sounded cool to you?

Bruce > A combination of that and studying music and theory. Learning some rules and also breaking them.

Scott > I was wondering if you ever hear music in your dreams and turn them into songs?

Bruce > No… But when I go for walks music in my head flows. I generally hike up to the Griffith observatory in LA. or hike through Hollywood. Both are very different vibes, so they offer different thoughts which equal different sounds.

Scott > How often when you start an idea for song, does it actually get finished?

Bruce > Almost always… I wouldn't say finished to the point of having it mastered, but I can demo a song within an hour or so, that being the case I generally will finish most ideas, even if I know I will be changing some stuff later. I bounce the ideas down then go for a walk and listen to them. That's when I get a lot of my revision ideas.

Scott > So Bruce, tell me a little bit of what you’ve learned about human nature during this new production.

Bruce > That it's easy to be skeptical and closed minded, and that the mind is easily manipulated.
Scott > What are your personal highlights on the new album?

Bruce > The songs Deafening, Seeing Through, Giving Up The Ghost, are my favorites as far as composition. The solo in The Manipulators is nice because of the chords I’m soloing over.

Scott > I see that you are featured and sharing the cover spread with Paul Gilbert on Japan's Young Guitar Magazine... That's definitely very cool. How did that come about?

Bruce > Young Guitar has been very good to me over the years. They actually approached Paul about doing the cover and having us both appear. And I got the call from Paul, and the next thing you know we are down at his studio doing the photo shoot and jamming. It's always a great time hanging with Paul.

Scott > How did you first get into the music business?

Bruce > I started playing clubs full time when I was in high school. My parents where very supportive and allowed me to do bar gigs on school nights. So i was playing 3-4 hour long sets a night, 3-4 nights a week.

Scott > Who have been your main influences on your career to date?

Bruce > Well as far as guitar, Eddie VanHalen, Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, Dave Foreman, Shawn Lane, etc. (too many to list) As far as bands everything from Rage Against the Machine to Black Sabbath, King Crimson to Steve Wilson,
Miles Davis to Roy Clark. Lightning Bolt to Fugazi.

Scott > Do you have any new music in the works?

Bruce > Yes I have the follow up to this album already close to finish, It is a 3 part concept and the 3rd part will morph into songs with vocals. The Order Of Control is also the bands name.

Scott > How has your guitar playing evolved over the years?

One thing that has really broadened my playing is stripping everything down to triads and really learning how to use those effectively when playing. And even tho I really like to see and hear technically proficient playing, I've started moving away from things that seem over played, or over done.

Scott > What are you listening to these days?

Bruce > A wide variety of stuff Lighting Bolt to King Crimson. Surprisingly a lot of stuff that isn't guitar oriented. I've always been a fan of Dj based music as well ambient stuff. Throw in some classic metal like Sabbath and that would sum it up.

Scott > What musical gear and endorsements do you have and why?

Bruce > Fujigen FGN guitars, Seymour Duncan pickup's, Arturia Keyboards, sounds, and midi controllers, Boss/Roland effects, Vemuram pedals, Intex cables, Dean Markley Strings, Dunlop picks… Why I use these is because they are dependable, function great, and sound great!

Scott > Do you have a dream car?

Bruce > 1975 Chevelle SS

Scott > I also don't want to forget this... Tell us about any other things you may be in involved in or any special interest besides music that is close to your heart?

Bruce > If I’m not doing music, then I’m deep into science and the mechanics of the brain, I also enjoy architecture, and studying nature and how to live off the grid.

Scott > Lastly, please give our readers one last parting shot across the bow... What is Bruce Bouillet going to be doing in 5 years?

Bruce > Making more music, touring the world, enjoying life!

Scott > I would like to thank you for your time and candor with our loyal readers and keep on fighting the good fight to bring us some awesome music.

Bruce > Thank you!

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