Faultline Fractured CD Review

Faultline "Fractured" CD Review by Scott Thomas >>>

Date: 2011

Artist Name: Faultline

Genre: Hard Rock / Metal

Title: "Fractured"

Record Company: KIM

Oh Yeah !!! I like this metal music already and the first song is not even over yet. Wow!!! This is definitely some tight s**t … No really, I’m totally 'digging in' on the melodic percussive cruncy riffs and handsomely done vocals that are just stellar for this type of dynamic energetic hard thump’n music.

By the first few song, you quickly realize that these cats can also cook you up a side order of some great hard rock hooks to go with your Sir Heavyness. Writing real songs with some kool commercial flair seems to be more prevalent as this Album unwinds a little more. As there is with the hard rock ballad “Resentment”… The song has all the great qualities of a cross over hit in Rock and Metal Radio. The lyrics, acoustics guitar playing along with the vocals just gives ya chillz that run up the back side of your neck and into your brain. The music reminds me of Coverdale and Sykes days w/ Whitesnake. The lead solo is classic, melodic and full of soul.

Faultline is fueled by an extremely talented quintet; including flashy lead guitarist Derek Chittendon backed by stylish rhythm guitarist Jarrod Hoover, Jamie Florin on controlled bass and unpretentious drummer Jon Ward. Vocalist Damian Allen croons like there is no tomorrow. Damian’s singing and lyrical range can go from Alice Chain melodies, to anathematic Creed harmonies and on to Disturbed type scream-O with his vocal styles and abilities. And simply, he is enjoyable to listen to too. Yep! These katz are the real ‘DEALIO’ … Someone paid well for the production on this. The guitarz sound so huge and tight. Jon’s drumming is relentless and that goes with a full-on assault of 'hurt' he studiously lies down. The music does not feel pushed, but creatively fresh and innovative sounding. Everybody’s musicianship is in the pocket on these vibrant but heavy collaborations without a doubt.

Parting shot: An enjoyable listen first time around and I was thoroughly entertained with all things I like about hard rock / metal guitar oriented music. Favorite Song >>> "Defeating the Enemy". I highly recommend this CD to the masses to get off their asses and get online to download your own favorite songs by Faultline.

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Author: Scott Thomas

Stars: 5 Stars

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