Fabrizio Bicio Leo Mr Malusardi

Fabrizio Bicio Leo "Mr.Malusardi " (Shrapnel Records) CD Review by Scott Thomas

What can I say... Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Mike Varney and Shrapnel Records have done it again with this fabulous New music from Fabrizio Leo "Mr. Malusardi".

First I would like to say that "Shred Is NOT DEAD!!!" It's just more refined and sophisticated... You know, like in the musical realms of Vinnie Moore, Kotzen, Howe, and Gambale. Fabrizio's compositions on this CD are flawless and at times mind-blowing. He's all over the place with his big instrumental musical arrangements all the while toy'n with the music genre's of rock, pop, contemporary, metal and jazz-fusion.

This Kat is simply a fantastic thought provoking instrumental guitar player in the highest degree. His tunes are catchy and they always have really cool hooks and melodies going on. The exciting player also has an arsenal of kicks ass monster guitar licks and awesome fret board tricks. His musical wizardry is world-class. Yep! He's definitely got the Satch motifs, Vai whammy-type phrasing, Becker sweeps, Howe runs, and lastly Gambale's legato. Fabrizio showcases that he’s capable of playing songs while not over doing the impeccably played shredding parts. The construction of the songs are intricate, fun and again definitely mind bending at times ala Steve Vai and they provide Fabrizio with a solid base to show his talents as a formidable guitar player.

Song List

1. Welcome to the Mummy's Museum

2. Piedini Ballerini

3. La Ville Lumière

4. Mr. Malusardi

5. Eyes of Ice Li

6. Money Zero

7. Kurva Részeg

8. Twenty Degrees of Frost

9. Hammer Horror

10. Corriendo

11. Sr.

12. Galactic Way

13. Koalina

This New Album represents the ultimate state of art of instrumental guitar oriented music... Get you copy today !!!