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DJ Kenny Wilkerson Beach 927 Radio

Just when you thought radio couldn't get any Cheesier "Another Rocker signs to host radio show on Beach 92.7" National heavy metal band member is now co-hosting a radio show in Palm Coast, Florida.

Not another one... Really??? Oh yes indeed my music luv'n compadres.

Tell me now, what does Nikki Sixx, Dee Snider, and Joe Walsh all have in common...? That's right, they're rock star DJ's... And so is Kenny Wilkerson of the 1980s hair-metal band Nova Rex. He's the new co-host of Club 927, a weekly one-hour commercial-free show on Beach 92.7 that features both known and new recording artists.

“He has such knowledge of the industry and understands our mission of spotlighting independent artists who are trying to become known." Terry Turner laments, who is also a 32 year veteran and co-host of the show and an 8 time ADDY Award Winner.

Wilkerson, who maintains many contacts in the music and recording industry, also wants to give new musicians a helping hand. I know right, it's about time!!!

“Being a musician myself, I know how hard it is to get air play, especially in corporate radio." says Wilkerson.

By the way fellow listeners, Kenny is a musician himself of 30 years and has been included into The Smithsonian for his contribution to eighties rock.

You can check out Wilkerson and his new show Club 927 on Sunday nights at 9pm on Beach 92.7FM, a Palm Coast, St Augustine, and Daytona Beach radio station. Brother Kenny plays all the hit music from the 70s through today! Beach 92.7FM can be heard world-wide streaming at

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Oh, let's not forget the shameless plug... You can also check out his band Nova Rex with their hilarious hair-metal documentary Nova Rex: "Ain't Easy Being Cheesy" available on Netflix and everywhere that sells DVDs.

See DVD Review here:

Nova Rex is also in talks to perform on a upcoming Arsenio Hall Show disturbed by CBS television distribution.

So let’s get busy and tune in to Club 927 and Discover The Best Local bands On The Radio!!!

*** Side Note:
The Thunder City Derby Sirens (roller derby) is using the new Nova Rex single "Crank it up" as their anthem for the 2014 season.

Kenny Wilkerson

of Nova Rex

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