ARTIST: Abhay Singh & Friends

Produced & Engineered by Eric Xu

Assistant Engineers: Charlie Rivera and Malcolm MacDuffie

Mastered by Sascha von Oertzen

A product of JPEX Productions, LLC

Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Abhay Singh, originally from San Francisco, began writing and recording music when he was fourteen, playing in pop/punk/prog/gothic/synthpop/industrial bands in high school and college.

More recently, however, he has taken an interest in more traditional forms of American music, all the while embracing the folk and country genres and rediscovering his childhood love for doo-wop.

Now to the music, I'm sitting here listing to an album full of Abhay's night dreams for our Day Music... The folksy roots music is laid back and dreamy and is full minimalism and melancholy. Each tune on this fine project has it own vibe and sound in the style of early Brain Wilson, Roy Orbison and others of that reflection. There is a classic rock and roll sound going on here too with the usage of the piano, saxophone, the glockenspiel and strings giving that yester-year feel of a Phil Spector production. By all means this is not an aggressive rock album. So sit back, get a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy this fine little chill-pill.

Yes, there are under tones of Americana music styles here too... As the maestro reflects: "It’s an album about relationships: reminiscing about the beginning of the relationship while experiencing the relationship going style in “In My Dreams” and the eventual heartbreak in “I Still Love You.” But it’s also about human-divine relationships. “Nighttime Theophany (You Wake Me Up)” hints at a physically intimate relationship with God and “My Heart Is Weak” laments falling out of love with God".

These short pondering 3-minute symphonies were recorded with an ensemble of core of session players being Andrew Parke on piano, Malcolm MacDuffie on guitar, and Joe McCarthy on organ with head engineer/mixer/producer Eric Xu.

Each song is cleverly crafted and is the vehicle to tell of his biblical references, prophetic calls, and just plain ol’ everyday life experiences. In times like these, the message here is as important as ever. Once again, Abhay Singh lements: "My primary goal for this album was to create an emotional response. The songs are intended to cause my audience to feel what I feel: nostalgia, melancholy, and heartbreak."

Song List:

1. In My Dreams 02:55

2. Nighttime Theophany (You Wake Me Up) 02:26

3. I'll Never Be Above Love 04:26

4. I'm Still Alone 02:18

5. My Enemies Are Like Bees That Surround Me 01:58

6. Catatonic Cat 02:56

7. Earthling Darling 02:17

8. I Still Love You 02:41

9. My Heart Is Weak I Must Atone 05:23

10. Evening Sight Of A City 04:05

11. I've Got A Thirsty Throat 02:34

Parting Shot Across the Bow: A thoughtful album of relaxing songs. This album is a timeless collection of compositions that color the music and flavor of today. A New Balladeer for America.

Photos and album art by Tom Brennan and Kersti Grunditz

Website: Abhay Singh & Friends