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Formed in 2013, The Corey Dennison Band has become a favorite attraction at Chicago blues venues, including twice-weekly appearances at Kingston Mines.

Led by Corey Dennison’s soulful voice and muscular guitar, the band released its self-titled studio debut for the legendary Delmark Records in 2016 after honing 13 original songs night after night on the bandstand.

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“I’d dare any crowd to resist the urge to clap, sway, and sing along.” ~ Wayne Goins, Living Blues

Scott - Where do you live, play live, and record?

Corey - I live in Michigan City , Indiana. I have been blessed to play music all over the world.  I record for Delmark Records out of Chicago , Illinois.

Scott - Are there a lot of places to play your style of music in and around your area? If so, could you name some venues?

Corey - Well , Scott not to many places around me have live music. The ones that do , have local bands and the genres differ from band to band. There are not to many “Blues Bands” but some real decent bands without a doubt.

We have Leroys Hott Stuff in Porter and Duffys in Valparaiso , Vegetable Buddies and Martha’s Midway Tap in the area as well. To name a few.

Scott - So, I see that you have a couple of CDs out. What are some of your favorite highlights of each album.

Corey - Actually, the whole lot of them. There is not just one song or memory from recording either of the two Delmark albums. I am very found of everything about them.

Scott - Did you write all the music or was it a collaborative effort?

Corey - It was a collaborate effort between me and my band leader and best friend Gerry Hundt. He wrote two songs prior to the first record which we used,”The Deacon and Strange things happen “. Same for the second album.

Scott - Why the Guitar? There had to be that pivot-able moment when you said to yourself, "I want to do that?" Do you remember that moment?

Corey - My grandfather and uncles played guitar and I grew up around music of all kinds. I was making guitars out of tennis rackets and anything I could find when I was a kid. My GG got me my first Guitar when I was like 1-2 years old and the rest is history. Lol

Scott - What types of guitars do you play?

Corey - I like all types of guitars. Gibson 335/345 is what I am usually playing on.

Scott - Amps and effects?

Corey - Peavey Bandit 65 and reverb and my wireless and tremolo and reverb. No other effects

Scott - Who have been your main influences on your career to date?

Corey - Well there are so many influences... mostly Chicago musicians. My main inspiration and influence would have to be my,”Pops”. Carl Weathersby From there I went on a musical journey .. from gospel to soul to blues to some of everything.

Scott - Who are you listening to these days?

Corey - Hmm.. good question .. lol A lot of older soul stuff from Memphis and elder statesmen like Wolf and Albert King and Albert Collins and BB King..

Scott - Ok, now for the music business... What are your thoughts in reference to the music business as a whole and how it relates to you and your musical aspirations.

Corey - There is no set formula to do anything in this business. We just do what we do , Night after Night we are changing lives and touching people with our music. We love to and want to make good records and put on great shows and we will continue to do this until we can’t do it anymore.

Scott - Please give us some top musical goals you would like to achieve in 2018

Corey - Lucerne Blues Fest !! That’s the Unicorn !!

Scott - Where can we buy your music?

Corey - Well , people can get our music from the website
Amazon. Com

Can also order from the Delmark Records catalog

Scott - I also don't want to forget this... Tell us about any other things you may be in involved in or any special interest besides music that is close to your heart?

Corey - Hmm... well Gerry Hundt (band leader) and myself are working on a new acoustic record . It’s a tribute to Sleepy John Estes. It will be released sometime this summer also on Delmark and it will be on a Delmark 60 yr Tribute.

Let’s see what else , Gerry will be doing some online video Harmonica seminars with a great friend of ours Mr. Ronnie Shellist (The High Prophet) in Colorado later this month. People can check that at

Drummer Joel Baer has his 17 piece big band and he is doing shows around the Chicagoland area.

Scott - Brutha Corey, give us a parting shot across the bow with some wise words of wisdom when it comes to the music business.
Corey - Hmm .. well follow your heart it doesn’t lie. Be yourself and play every show like it was your last , leave no stone un-turned and everything on that stage at the end of the night...and to quote Uncle Lou!! (Mr. Lurrie C Bell) HIT EM HARD AND MAKE EM LOVE IT !!


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