Circle of Fire

Jay Parmar's New CD "Circle of Fire" by Scott Thomas

Another CD Review so soon...? Yeah Baby, I'm on a roll!!! “Rock and Roll” that is…

I just received Jay Parmar's New CD "Circle of Fire" and the first song "Walking in Circles" has definitely gotten my attention. For some odd reason I thought that I was going to be reviewing an instrumental shred album. Man, was I way off base somewhere out in left field or what? Don't get me wrong, the guitar playing and overall music shreds without a doubt. However, there is more of a full band collaboration I'm listening to here.

Brother Jay's hard work and networking ability has led him to becoming friends with fellow musicians Carsten Lizard-Schulz (Evidence One/Paradise Inc), Andreas Novak (House of Shakira/Mind’s Eye), Pete Newdeck (Eden’s Curse/Tainted Nations), Tim Wallace, Mike Rotella and Legendary Guitarist George Lynch, all of whom contributed to Circle of Fire. This first tune is graced with Mr. Scary's inspiration and there are some very terrifying lead solos on this too that Lynch fans don't want to miss... Wow!!!

Jay Parmar returns with his sophomore studio release titled Circle of Fire on Steve Vai’s label Digital Nations. The album follows up his 2005 debut release, Strange Day. Circle of Fire has a total of 12 fiery songs, all of which preserves a unified feel even though there are different singers throughout the CD. As I'm sitting here, I soon realize what I'm listening to is awesome AOR hard rock w/ metal tendencies. I totally dig the catchy hammering riffs, pounding rhythms, lightening slick flashy guitar solos, kick-ass melodies and remember-able vocal harmonies.

And for you Melodic Rockers out there, Jay has something for you too. I miss this kind of music on the radio. Like with this tune called the “Test of Time”. The overall production, engineering and musicianship is top-notch and accomplished. Maestro Parmer’s fretwork is immaculate and doesn’t overplay. He gives each tune exactly the right touch with both his colorful rhythm playing and tasty guitar solos. His leads remind me allot George Lynch’s blazing style. Ok, Jay throws a little Warren DeMartini (Ratt) vibe in there too every now and again. However, Jay still keeps plenty of his identity with his vocals, musical song structures and sonic arrangements. My Favorite song is "Lost in You".

Highlights: “Hell Is The Place,” “Walking In Circles,” “Dragon,” “Circle of Fire”

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock


Jay Parmar (g)(b)(k)(v)

Pete Newdeck (d)(v)

Carsten Lizard-Schulz (v)

Tim Wallace (v)

Mike Rotella (main solo on “Hell Is The Place”)

George Lynch (intro/main solo on “When Angels Cry”)

Track Listing:

1. Walking In Circles

2. You’re Not Alone

3. Test of Time

4. Lost In You

5. Now You’re Gone

6. Hell Is The Place

7. Stop Laughing

8. Guilty

9. Harm’s Length

10. Circle of Fire

11. The Dragon

12. When Angels Cry

13. Circle of Fire (Single)

Label: Digital Nations


Recommended if you like:

George Lynch

Steve Stevens

Steve Vai

You all have to remember, I was brought up in the 70’s and 80’s. So in a nutshell, this music is very familiar like my favorite Mexican wool poncho... The rest of the album rocks out with its sock out … The tunes are tight and go for the jugular each and every time. If you like arena rock and miss rousing hard rock / metal music, then here you go…

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