Borislav Mitic Electric Goddess

Borislav Mitic - Electric Goddess
Shrapnel Records

CD Review by Scott Thomas

Another CD Review already you ask? I'm on a roll here... I'm sitting here listening to an absolute delicacy of guitar hero worshipping instrumentals by Borislav Mitic. This shredder draws his inspiration from the those six-stringed wielding axe slaying immortals before him all the while diving deep into the exploration of all possibilities guitar with his different approaches of hard rock metal music and beyond. The gunslinger forges his masterpiece with technical guitar prowess through this fantastic ultra-clean production.

Borislav Mitic is a virtuoso guitarist hailing from Montreal, Canada. A shredding guitar player with four solo albums, he has been published on Lion Music’s record label and the U.S. label Shrapnel Records who discovered the likes of virtuosos like Yngwie Malmsteen. He describes his music like this, “I play a melodic virtuoso shred style which is very technically oriented with some neoclassical elements in it but at the same time infused with a lot of ’70s blues rock influences and feel." And I have to agree. When you make these kinds of albums, the thing is not to get boring and repetitive with the same ol' same ol' generic song structures and lifeless lead soloing.

From start to finish this project is full of great musical moments with plenty of guitar fireworks, harmonious melodies, and jaw dropping virtuosity. The songs will have you tapping your foot and banging your head. You will find progressive mid-tempo numbers, soulful grooves, and varied diverse pieces of work. In addition, wild whammy bar hysteria, layered exotic axe work and straight-out rockers that exhibit his agility on the fret board. Boris understands tone, harmony, rhythm and great control of dynamics. There are thirteen tracks of great musical moments captured here with much cohesiveness throughout. There is no doubt that Mr. Borislav will take you on a nomadic wayfaring journey with his guitar.

In closing, this is one ultra-clean production and a very tight incarnation with a ton of personality. If you are tired of hurried and pushed piddly-diddly self-gratifying guitar wanking albums with little or no soul, then I highly recommend this professionally produced and nicely packaged CD full of pure instrumental inspiration.

“So get your ‘freak on’ and get Borislav’s latest release today…”