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James DuClos - Senior Guitar player

I started playing music in 6th grade. I played the baritone in my schools band program. It was very relaxed and most of the kids weren’t learning anything. I really didn’t start getting serious about playing music until I actually learned my accidentals on the baritone. I started to play guitar in the … 8th grade I think. My first was a peavey predator or something like that. It was red and looked like a strat, and I played through a small fender front man that had a 6 inch speaker.

I played with a friend of mine for a while until her switched to drums. Then we started to try to get a band together which was probably the worst idea of a band I’ve heard of. Most of my practice sessions included learning Kirk Hammett solos over and over. I loved to play anything that was technically challenging, like finger style or just weird fingerings. I was also drawn to alternate tunings like Tremonti’s DADADD or just the regular drop D once and a while.

Eventually I was asked to play bass for my high school jazz band. I was a little scared at first but I knew how to play guitar and I knew how to read bass clef from the baritone. So I said sure, whatever. I started out pretty well and after the second year I was awarded outstanding musicianship at a Jazz festival in St. Louis and by my band director. Not to prestigious but it was still an award.

After high school I started to play more bass guitar. I played in my college jazz ensamble but had to quit because of all the conflicts with homework and study times. After this I began to play with a friend of mine that had a group called the ACP band. The Artist Community project was formed to bring local musicians together to play music. It was great because the founder. Brent Copeland, could pull any musician from the community to play with him on a certain gig. So it was a part time band. I started up with him and I am still currently the full time bass player. Occasionally I’ll get pulled into church to play a few hymns or into a theater to play some musicals.

For my gear I mainly use a 5 string Schecter bass. Also I use a Fender Jaco Pastorious signature bass. I have a Bassman 60 watt amp. I also just purchased a used ampeg setup. I’m not sure on the model but it is a 810 cabinet with a 350 head on top, and it sounds great.

For Guitars I still have my first peavey guitar for some reason, an Ibanez ZX 7221 7 string., a Martin Concert series acoustic, an old beatup Yamaha for traveling and loaning out. For amps I haven’t broke down to get a nice tube head yet since I don’t play gigs on guitar I don’t really need an amazing tone. I use a Peavey transformer on top of a 412 stack. If you need help about some Guitar Chords then visit our blog. Thanks

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