BLS Bassist John JD DeServio

John "JD" DeServio, is the current bass guitarist in Black Label Society, joining after the departure of James Lomenzo in 2005. JD was also a member of Pride & Glory, Wylde's southern rock trio for a short time in December 1994 (again as a replacement for Lomenzo), and was also Black Label Society's original bass guitarist, playing on the tour supporting their debut album, Sonic Brew. He endorses Schecter basses and DR strings. JD has his own band called Cycle of Pain whose debut album was released in April 2009 on Reform Records.

DeServio has been a resident of New Jersey.

BLS Bassist John JD DeServio

Scott - Hi J.D., Thank you so much for doing this written interview with me and my site Guitarz So why the Bass guitar?

JD - I loved music as a kid. And I also loved horror movies! I was 8 years old and saw the epic picture of Kiss on the Empire State Building! I asked who is that guy? (Gene) then I asked what does he play! (Bass guitar) Then I wanted to be Gene for the next 3-40 years!!!!

Scott - Are you a self-taught player or a schooled player?
JD - At first it was ear and somebody showing me some riffs! Walk this way.   And stuff like that. Jailbreak.
When I got to high school I took music theory classes. Then I went to Berklee College of Music after high school

Scott - Where are you from and where is your stompin' grounds?
JD - New Jersey!! Now we stomp everywhere!!

Scott - What is the music scene like there and do you jam with the local musicians?

JD - The scene is dying away. I’m always doing local shows back home.

Scott - How long have you been in Black Label Society? Do you still feel the same excitement now as you did when you first got into the band?

JD - I was there in the beginning! 98’ I left for a bit then got back in 2005. It’s jus been gettin better and better.

Scott - Can you give us a quick run-down of your main guitars and rig?

JD - My signature basses from Schecter.
Samson power amps, Hartke kilo heads. Radial DI a couple mxr pedals. Samson wireless. Pretty simple.

Scott - How many days a year are you away from the house from family touring, special events, and clinics? How many red-eye flights a year do you fly from east coast to west coast and visa versa becuz of being in BLS?
JD - It depends! This year at least 5 months away!! I fly too much to even know anymore!!!

Scott - Tell us about Cycle of Pain...
JD - COP is a band I have with 2 of my oldest friends. We were in a band together when we were 15.
Unfortunately time isn’t there for COP lately. It would be great to record another record though.

Scott - What other music have you done we should know about?
JD - I played on a lot of people’s solo records. Dario from Black Label, Vinnie Moore. I jus recorded for my buddy Mike Romeo from Symphony X. Sick musician!!

Scott - Who are some of your influences?

JD - Gene. Steve Harris, geezer, yngwie, Jaco, james jamerson, james brown, Sly, bob Marley.
Scott - What other instruments do you play

JD - Piano, guitar, some Drums and vocals

Scott - What are you listening to these days?

JD - Old shit I love! Funk, rock, metal, jazz.

Scott - What do think about the music biz these days. Good or Bad? 

JD - Different. I’ll put it that way. Ya have to adapt.

Scott - What else besides music is really close to heart and where you are trying to make a positive difference in life?

JD - Jus having fun and being thankful for everything!! Every day is a blessing! Jus be cool to everybody!! Simple.
Scott - J.D., give us a parting shot across the bow with some wise words of wisdom when it comes to the music business.
JD - Hey hey yey e yey!! Smoke weed everyday!!  That about sums it up!!


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