Aint Easy Being Cheesy

"Ain't Easy Being Cheesy" DVD Rockumentary Review by Scott Thomas

I’m sitting watch’n the New DVD “Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy” by Nova Rex for like the third time now, and talkin’ about a raucous good time… Yeah Baby, these Katz breathed it, bleed it, thrashed it, bashed it, and then trashed it. All glad rags and Limousine. Ok, maybe not limousine…lol !!! But pretty damn close.

If you were around in the late 80’s early 90’s just before grunge hit the airwaves, then you know hair-metal music was the music flavor of the day and in 24-hour heavy rotation on MTV. Remember Headbanger's Ball ? Bands by the van loads were heading to L.A. trying to be the next big Guns and Roses. This movie is about just that… The underlying spinal-tap premise is a very funny but an articulate inside look at what it was like being in one of those hard partying bands trying to get their place in glam rock-metal history. From fast food to fast women, the life expectancy for a guitar slinging rocker ‘back in the day’ was less then a Navy fighter pilot’s during an all out nuclear war. The hilarious story here is told by two of the founding members of Nova Rex, Kenny Wilkerson (writer, bassist) and JP Cervoni (writer, guitar, lead guitar). They personally take you behind the scenes for an intimate look at a band whose time had come and gone... And in a satirical light-hearted way, these two guys just lay it all out there for ya in a way that will have you laughing and reminiscing of the good ol’ days when Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth was King. If you were in a rock band or around one (groupie), then this movie will have you smelling sex, drugs and rock & roll all over again. As for the younger generations of musicians, this is a great training film.

If you like humorous mocumentary flicks, then I highly recommend this for your movie collections... Right in there w/ “Spinal Tap”, and “The Decline of Western Civilization.”

Rock & roll is not pretty. That's why it sometimes wears make-up.

The 2011 "hair-metal rockumentary "NOVA REX: AIN'T EASY BEING CHEESY" shares the hilarious true tales of the hard-working, harder-partying glam band NOVA REX with lots of music plus classic video footage and photographs spanning decades of live performances and wild backstage action.

"NOVA REX: AIN'T EASY BEING CHEESY" captures the flamboyant era of late-1980s, early-1990s good-time party rock & roll and its crash into the inevitable wall of serious grunge. Guitarist JP Cervoni, bassist Kenny Wilkerson, vocalist Kevin Tetz and various music-industry insiders remember the times through funny and insightful interviews with director Dean Robinson.

"NOVA REX: AIN'T EASY BEING CHEESY" is the first motion picture produced and distributed by Quantum Records. Promotional partnerships with G&L Guitars, Devoted Creations, Save the Tatas and long-time Nova Rex ally Anheuser-Busch ensure that the new movie achieves maximum exposure. Well-received by preview and test audiences, the fast-paced documentary promises to please all who love laughing out loud and loud music.

"NOVA REX: AIN'T EASY BEING CHEESY" will be screened at several movie theaters throughout the United States of America. Original NOVA REX bassist Kenny Wilkerson and director-editor Dean Robinson are currently available for questions, comments and interviews concerning the movie's history, production and roll-out.

Everyone at Quantum Records hopes you enjoy your personal pre-release edition of "NOVA REX: AIN'T EASY BEING CHEESY."

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Ain't Easy Being Cheesy