Abstract Artimus Interview

Abstract Artimus is an American music composer and performer from Alabama currently living in Brooklyn, NY.  His high energy shows and memorable guitar riffs have earned a reputation after years of touring in support of several full length releases. 

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Abstract Artimus Interview

Scott - Hi Artimus. Thanks for agreeing in doing a short-written interview w/ me and my readers. There must be a story behind a musician from Alabama currently living in Brooklyn, NY. ...?

Artimus - It's a pleasure to do this Interview so thanks for asking! The simple truth is I moved to NYC from my home state of Alabama because I wanted to have more perspective on life and encounter more opportunities. It was a great decision but I do miss aspects of life in Alabama. Mainly the food and a few places near my hometown of Mobile. Roll Tide Roll! haha.

Scott - Here is a three-part question... Tell us about the band and your style of music and who are your influences?

Artimus - There have been many variations of the band over the years and I've been the only constant member. The lineup on the new single we are about to release features J.D. Pinkus from Butthole Surfers and Melvins on bass and my drummer for the last several years Kevin Hudson. I have a ton of influences... too many to name all of them. The style tends to morph between albums or even songs. I grew up listening to everything but my dad was the drummer for the Jimmie Van Zant Band so there was a lot of southern rock, Black Oak Arkansas, Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, but he also listened to everything. Jerry Reed, Louis Jordan and a good bit of stuff similar to that. Glenn Miller to Van Halen haha.

In his youth his father was the drummer for the Jimmie Van Zant Band (cousin of Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd) which allowed Artimus to mature around some of the most prolific Southern Rock musicians of all time.  His formative years consisted of an array of show scenarios varying from living room hurricane parties to a gig at The University of Alabama in which the crowd of students destroyed the room during the bands set. 

Courtesy: https://www.abstractartimus.com

Scott - How many CDs do you have out and how has your style of playing, singing and songwriting evolved over the years?

Artimus - I've released a lot of stuff over the years. My first major release was 2011's 'Rite Of Passage.' That one definitely opened some doors for me. Since then, as far as albums go, I've released 'My Wild Dreams'(2013), 'The City Arrives'(2015 - released on the largest indie label in Spain Subterfuge Records), 'When The Beast Is After Me'(2018), 'Trash Rock Regalia 2006-2010'(2020 - collection of old demos and rarities). The style definitely morphs. Some stuff is heavier and darker and some stuff is more tongue in cheek garage rock esque. It really varies album to album.

Artimus was accused of inciting a riot and thrown off campus.  Since then he has toured extensively in Europe, North and South America and has played shows with Gwar, The Dictators, Cheetah Chrome, Eyehategod, Scott Ian's Motor Sister and many more. 

Courtesy: https://www.abstractartimus.com

Scott - I have read that you have toured over in Europe and S. America... How are the audiences overseas in contrast to American audiences when it comes to their receptiveness of your music?

Artimus - The audiences overseas are great. That's not to take anything away from domestic audiences. I think there's just a different mentality in certain places when it comes to art. It's a necessity to some and an afterthought to others. I've been lucky enough to play in some great countries and meet really nice people wherever I go.

Scott - What type of amps and effects are you using while playing live compared to the studio?

Artimus - What I use from album to album or tour to tour differs. I'm not really the kind of guy that has stringent gear needs. As long as I have a good sounding tube amp I'll make due. Currently in my home studio I'm using a Laney tube amp and a few pedals. Mainly my Daredevil Supernova. Really awesome company and the owner is a great guy and friend of mine so that's all the better.

In 2015 he released 'The City Arrives' on the largest independent record label in Spain, Subterfuge Records.  He's currently on tour in support of his newest release 'When The Beast Is After Me' and has plans for a new release later in the year.

Courtesy: https://www.abstractartimus.com

Scott - What are Abstract Artimus' plans for 2021?

Artimus - I plan to write and record. I really don't have a lot of faith that a tour wouldn't get cancelled right now so I'll probably focus on recording and maybe put out a double album when this is all over haha. We have a single coming out soon and another one planned for the summer. Hopefully we can make some shows happen soon too. Fingers crossed!


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