86 Bullets Interview

86 Bullets is a rock band that brings powerful sound as well as incredible enthusiasm and energy to every performance. These boys were born to rock! Only three months after forming 86 Bullets debuted at 2016 M3 Rock Festival in 2016 sharing the stage with legendary hard rock bands Tesla, Queensryche, Night Ranger and Motley Crue’s very own Vince Neil. Due to the huge buzz their amazing performance at M3 generated, 86 Bullets exposure on radio stations is steadily increasing and the band would love to take you along for the ride!

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86 Bullets Interview

Scott- Hi Chris, thank you for agreeing to do this written interview w/ me and my readers. Tell us a little about the band, where you are from and what is the music scene like.

Chris - We are a hard rock band from Westminster, MD, USA. Right now, the music scene is not that good, due to the shutdown of live music due to the pandemic. But we have been able to play a few privately run shows recently, and hope to play more as the restrictions are lifted.
Scott - Please give my readers a short description of 86 Bullet’s style of music and songwriting. Is there an overall message in the music?

Chris - The style is generally hard rock, but overall is difficult to define. We mostly write about social issues, exploring the defense of human and animal rights, as well as songs about our mortality and appreciating what we have while we are here.

86 Bullets has a heavy sound with a pop sensibility and a set list that gets everyone to stand up and take notice. Not only does this band rock a crowd, they rule, conquer and take no prisoners. On April 30, 2017 the Baltimore-based rockers released their dynamic new album Agents of Absolution featuring the single “A Beautiful Lie.” The track quickly became a favorite of numerous hard rock radio outlets.

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Scott - Who are some of the band's musical influences and which one of these influences stand out the most when it comes to influencing the band's songwriting?

Chris - We are a diverse group of guys which leads to a diverse set of influences. Jerry and I are the metalheads, Eric likes everything, and Steve comes from more of a rock and pop music background. Stylistically, the influences that appear in the music are Iron Maiden, Crack the Sky, Black Sabbath, to name a few.
Scott - What instruments do you play and what is your "go to" instrument for writing a song?

Chris - I play guitar for the band, and I go to the closest guitar I see when I get an idea for a song, or the one that is in my hands at the time, Lol.

The members of this band are all long time veterans of the Mid-Atlantic music scene and are some of the area’s finest musicians, each with their own following of fans and musicians alike. Steve, Chris, Eric and Jerry oppose the abuse and exploitation of animals, children, and anyone else that cannot speak or defend for themselves and it is their passion for animal rights that led to the naming of the band.

Question: How many bullets does it take to kill an elephant?

Answer: 86

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Scott - Are there any new bands out there that you guys like that are making a difference in the music business and are setting a trend on how to market their music?

Chris - Right now, it is really tough to be successful in the music business. with shows cancelled and no one buying records anymore. We are actually in a great place, as we all do not do this full time and do not depend on this for our livelihood, which allows us the freedom to do what we want, when we want. It is so liberating, and we wouldn't want it any other way.
I feel bad for the bands that rely on touring and songwriting payments, as they are really hurting right now. I don't listen to any current popular music, so I can't comment on who is doing it right, but I am sure there are some bands and artists who have been able to sucessfully navigate this difficult environment.

Tyke was an African elephant who performed with Circus International of Honolulu, Hawaii. During a performance on August 20, 1994 she killed her trainer, Allen Campbell, and injured her groomer, Dallas Beckwith. Tyke bolted from the arena and ran through the streets of the Kakaako central business district for more than thirty minutes. Police fired 86 shots at the animal, who eventually collapsed from the wounds and died. Tyke became symbolic of circus tragedies and a symbol for animal rights. Allen Campbell's autopsy revealed that he had cocaine and alcohol in his system at the time of his death. Officials at the Denver Zoo confirmed that there were complaints of animal abuse filed against Campbell during the late 1980s, when he operated an elephant and camel ride concession in the city. The Tyke incident inspired legislation on local levels in Hawaii and abroad.

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86 Bullets band members are:

Steve Graybeal-lead vocals
Chris “Shredder” Elliot-guitar
Eric “Rock Star” Dee-bass
Jerry “Jyro” Oxendine-drums

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Scott - Tell us of any recent music and or videos you have released and what are your musical goals for 2021.

Chris - We released a full length album last year and are two songs away from finishing our next one, which should be out sometime this spring or early summer. We have released several music videos as well, and all of this can be seen and accessed on our website at https://www.86bullets.com/86-bullets

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