20 Watt Tombstone Interview

20 WATT Tombstone are Wausau Wisconsin’s hard touring death blues saviors

They have played hundreds of shows over the past few years, to include Europe in 2019. Fusing the sounds of ZZ Top with Kyuss by way of Robert Johnson and Black Flag, the band has continually outdone themselves since their formation in 2011.

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20 Watt Tombstone Interview

Scott - Hi Tom. Thanks for agreeing I doing a short written interview w/ me and my readers. There must be a story behind the name of your band "20 WATT Tombstone"?

Tom - Well, when we first started this band we were "The Goddamns". After having some tv and radio submissions rejected, our booking agent having issues booking our first tour and finally the US trademark office telling us a curse wird cannot be copyrighted, we decided we needed to change it. we went to social media and asked our fans and after 3 months of suggestions we narrowed it down to three names. after looking at how they looked with our old font/logo, it was decided that 20 watt tombstone worked the best. we gave the person that picked the name a big merch package and made a post saying they came up with the name and the rest is history.

The band built their name on the road, but it was a split with Left Lane Cruiser that propelled them to the next level. Now they seek to grow upon all of this and bring the entire stoner rock scene to a new frontier.

This is the sort of band who remain devout to their community no matter the consequences. The stoner rock underground has allowed them to make a living from this, and they are determined to give back.

Courtesy of: http://20watttombstone.com/

Scott - Here is a three part question... Tell us about the band and your style of music and who are your influences?

Tom - Thats always tough for me because we are influenced by so much music. Our style is odd, it borrows heavily from delta and hillcountry blues but theres a whole lot of other things mixed in too. our playlist in the van has everything from Prince, RL burnside and Waylon Jennings to Clutch, lamb of god and Wu tang Clan.
Scott - How many CDs do you have out and how has your style of playing, singing and songwriting evolved over the years?

Tom - We have two albums out on vinyl, CD and digital and we just released a digital Ep last month. So two albums and a short EP of two songs.

Frontman Tom Jordan is even stepping in as an organizer of Wisconsin Doomed & Stoned Festival. Their DIY aesthetic has impressed fans across the world, all of whom are eager to see the band’s next steps.

This dedication has paid off in other ways too and won the band endorsements from Gretsch Guitars, Saluda Cymbals, Scorpion Drum Sticks, Lava Cables, SIT Strings and Rock Relentless Clothing.

Courtesy of: http://20watttombstone.com/

Scott - I have read that you have toured over in Europe... How are the audiences overseas in contrast to American audiences when it comes to their receptiveness of your hard-hitting music?

Tom - Europe was really great. Very different from the US. Everyone was very receptive and kind to us for the most part. Germany and the Netherlands were both my favorite places on the tour for shows. Our TM Ozzy was amazing and made things super easy for us. He is a sweetheart. The food over there was amazing and the sights were really spectacular. so much culture and history.
Scott - What type of amps and effects are you using playing live compared to the studio?

Tom - I use the exact same set up live as studio. our rig is really what makes us sound the way we do so we have become kind of dependent on it. I run an Orange Thunderverb 200 head into a 600 watt Orange cab with eminence swamp thangs, an Orange Rockerverb 100 into another 600 watt orange cab and then a 300 watt ampeg svt classic head into an 800 watt ampeg cab. The thunderverb and svt give me my low end (although sometimes I dont need the svt. the Thunderverb has tons of low end without it) and the Rockerverb gives me my mids and highs. For pedals I run a Lone Wolf FX noise gate, a way huge swollen pickle fuzz and a polytune tuner with a walrus audio power supply and a radial Shotgun to run the three amps.

With a dedication to writing good music and spreading their message across the globe, 20 Watt Tombstone refuse to give in.

Fresh off their first European tour the intrepid duo continually pushes for opportunities to show the world what they are made of, be that crucial opening slots or driving 16 hours to play a dive bar.

Remember – this is a group who records everything live in the studio. There’s no room to mess around in 20 Watt Tombstone. Instead they are doubling down on their live magic and are eager to delve ever deeper into this scene.

With loud guitars and a passion for the music what could go wrong?

Courtesy of: http://20watttombstone.com/

Scott - What are 20 WATT Tombstone's plans for 2021?

Tom - We plan to lie low and play it safe til things are a bit mkre normal, then the plan is to try and do at least one tour in fall/winter hopefully and release a new album over summer. While covid had us out of work with no touring it did give us time to work on demos for the next record. hopefully we can get that out this summer. Other than that, get through this and hopefully help others do the same.  


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