10,000 Feet Below CD Review

ELIZA NEALS a dynamic front woman, multi-talented musician, confident producer and powerhouse outstanding live performer is “returning the magic back to Blues-Rock with mind-blowing live performances and Top of the Charts recordings.”

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10,000 Feet Below CD Review

by Scott Thomas

I've known of Eliza Neals for several years now... To think of it, I'm going all the way back to her kick'n 2005 CD "Liquorfoot". I have watched Eliza grow into a fine recording artist and she has been put'n out some pretty noteworthy, top-shelf music ever since.

"10,000 Feet Below" is Eliza's newest outing. Her expressive passionate singing, sweet-sounding piano & keys and Howard Glazer's first-rate guitar playing take these 11 quality songs and drives them home very effectively.

Ms. Nealz vocals are powerful, soulful and sexy, yet purely feminine. Eliza's song writing can go from good ol' acoustic delta blues one minute and then in a flash of an eye she's on to nitty-gritty rock & roll. Eliza covers everything from earthy vocal harmonies, acoustic slide guitar melodies to moody piano ballads and lastly, upbeat bluesey rock tunes as well. Her sultry music speaks of things we all understand: love, pain, failure, regret, and loss. There is definitely growth, and self-discovery here.  If you are a fan of Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, and or Beth Hart you will certainly enjoy this brilliant CD.

This is an admirable album of praiseworthy blues music, Ms. Neals just gets better and better with age. You know, like a fine malt whisky.

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